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Black and Beige Botanicals Wall Gallery Collection

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Collection of six modern botanical illustrations inspired by the flora found in Mallorca, Spain. When you look close you can see the details of the black ink brushstrokes across the watercolor paper.

This set is designed and curated for you, so you only have to frame and hang. The black and beige color scheme blends well with any style. Place above fireplace mantel, living room credenza or buffet or above couch.

Mallorca Botanicals, 2022 by Cristina Bartl Collection of six prints, option to purchase each print separately.

Medium: Acrylics on kraft paper. 

What I love about it: This set is the perfect balance between modern and classic, combining the characteristic shape and look of botanical illustrations with black ink minimalist brushstrokes. 

Made to order, just for you.

Printed in fine art paper, made in the USA.

Frame is not included, but please reach out to me at for my frame recommendations!